Maine Revised Statutes

24-A §6701. Definitions
24-A §6702. Licensing; authority
24-A §6703. Names of companies
24-A §6704. Minimum capital and surplus
24-A §6705. Minimum surplus (REPEALED)
24-A §6706. Formation of captive insurance companies in this State
24-A §6707. Financial statements and other reports
24-A §6708. Examinations and investigations
24-A §6709. Grounds and procedures for suspension and revocation of license
24-A §6710. Legal investments
24-A §6711. Reinsurance
24-A §6712. Rating organizations
24-A §6713. Exemption from compulsory associations
24-A §6714. Delinquent captive insurers
24-A §6715. Confidential information
24-A §6716. Redomestication; approval as a domestic captive insurer
24-A §6717. Redomestication; conversion to foreign insurer
24-A §6718. Rules
24-A §6719. Laws applicable
24-A §6720. Fees, taxes and assessments
24-A §6721. Rules for controlled unaffiliated business
24-A §6722. Conversion to or merger with reciprocal insurer
24-A §6724. Sponsored captive insurance companies
24-A §6725. Branch captive insurance companies