Maine Revised Statutes

§801. Designation

Municipal officers may petition the department to designate as state aid highways such public ways within their jurisdiction as will best serve outlying communities, connect adjoining towns and villages and facilitate travel in reaching markets, railroad connections and state roads, due consideration being given to cost as well as distance and volume of travel. Such petition presented to the department for the designation of a state aid highway shall include an adequate description of the way which it is desired to have so designated, and upon the same being approved and accepted by the department said way shall be established and known as a state aid highway. Twenty or more voters of the town in which said way is located, by written petition, presented within 30 days after the petition to designate such way as a state aid road has been filed with the department, shall have the right to be heard on the acceptance thereof. The department shall be the sole arbiter of the designation of state aid roads and may accept or reject any part or all of such way and impose terms in respect thereto. [1971, c. 593, §22 (AMD).]

1971, c. 593, §22 (AMD).