Maine Revised Statutes

§3027. Vacation of proposed town ways in land subdivision; revocation of dedication

1. Vacation of ways.  When proposed town ways have been described in a recorded subdivision plan and lots have been sold with reference to the plan, the municipal officers, after notice to the municipal planning board or office, may, on their own initiative, on petition of the abutting property owners or on petition of any person claiming a property interest in the proposed way, vacate in whole or in part proposed ways that have not been accepted. The municipal officers shall give best practicable notice, as defined in section 3026-A, subsection 1, of the proposed vacation to owners of lots on the recorded subdivision plan and their mortgagees of record. The notice must conform in substance to the following form:
(The municipal officers of) (A petition has been filed with the municipal officers of)_____________________ (Name of Town or City)__________________ (propose to) (to vacate) the following (ways) (way) shown upon a subdivision plan (named) (dated) (and) recorded in the_________________________County Registry of Deeds, Book of Plans, Volume________, Page________.
(Herein list or describe ways to be vacated)
If the municipal officers enter an order vacating (these ways) (this way) any person claiming an interest in (these ways) (this way) (adverse to the claims of the petitioners) must, within one (1) year of the recording of the order, file a written claim thereof under oath in the_________________ County Registry of Deeds and must, within one hundred eighty (180) days of the filing of the claim, commence an action in the Superior Court in ___________________ County in accordance with the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 23, section 3027-A.
The municipal officers shall file an order of vacation with the municipal clerk that specifies the location of the way, the names of owners of lots on the recorded subdivision plan and the amount of damages, if any, determined by the municipal officers to be paid to each lot owner or other person having an interest in the way. Damages and reasonable costs as determined by the municipal officers must be paid by the petitioners, if any.
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2. Revocation of dedication.  A dedication of property or interest therein to the municipality described in a recorded subdivision plot plan may not be revoked or vacated by the dedicator unless no lot has been sold with reference to the plan, and unless an amended subdivision plan has been approved by the municipal subdivision review authority and recorded in the appropriate registry of deeds.
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