Maine Revised Statutes

§2701. Powers and duties

The road commissioner, under the direction of a majority of the selectmen, shall have charge of the repairs of all highways and bridges within the towns and shall have authority to employ the necessary personnel and equipment and purchase material for the repair of highways and bridges. The road commissioner shall give bond to the satisfaction of the selectmen and be responsible to them for the expenditure of money and discharge of his duties generally. In the absence of a statute, charter provision or ordinance to the contrary, any decision involving the duties and responsibilities of the road commissioner shall be made by a majority of the selectmen whose decision shall be final. The road commissioner's compensation shall be such sum as the legislative body votes annually. The road commissioner shall render to the selectmen monthly statements of his expenditures and receive no money from the treasury, except on the order of the selectmen. [1985, c. 80, (AMD).]

If a majority of the selectmen determine that a condition exists in any town way which creates a hazard and renders the way unsafe for travelers with motor vehicles, the selectmen shall give written notice to the road commissioner of this condition and order him to eliminate it or take interim measures to protect the public within 24 hours. If the road commissioner fails to act as directed by the selectmen, a majority of the selectmen may enter contracts or take any other steps necessary to eliminate the safety hazard. [1985, c. 80, (NEW).]

1985, c. 80, (AMD).