Maine Revised Statutes

§2058. -- appeals

Any person aggrieved by the estimate of damages by the county commissioners, on account of the laying out or discontinuing of a way, may appeal therefrom, at any time within 30 days after the commissioners' return is made, to the Superior Court, in the county where the land is situated, which court shall determine the same by a committee of reference if the parties so agree, or by a verdict of its jury, and shall render judgment for the damages recovered, and judgment for costs in favor of the party entitled thereto, and shall issue execution for the costs only. The appellant shall file notice of his appeal with the county commissioners within the time above limited, and shall include in the complaint a statement setting forth substantially the facts, upon which the case shall be tried like other cases. The clerk shall certify the final judgment of the court to the county commissioners, who shall enter the same of record and order the damages therein recovered to be paid as provided in section 2057. The party prevailing recovers costs to be taxed and allowed by the court, except that they shall not be recovered by the party claiming damages, but by the other party, if on such appeal by either party, said claimant fails to recover a greater sum as damages than was allowed to him by the commissioners. The committee shall be allowed a reasonable compensation for their services to be fixed by the court upon the presentation of their report and paid from the county treasury upon the certificate of the clerk of courts.