Maine Revised Statutes

§1963. Maine Turnpike Authority

In order to carry out the purposes of this chapter, the Maine Turnpike Authority, created by Private and Special Law 1941, chapter 69, continues in existence with the powers and duties prescribed by this chapter until the Legislature provides for its termination and all outstanding indebtedness of the authority is repaid, or an amount sufficient to repay that indebtedness is set aside in trust. The authority shall continue to operate and maintain the turnpike from a point at or near Kittery in York County to a point at or near Augusta in Kennebec County. The authority may operate and maintain other property and assets as are necessary or convenient for the construction, operation or maintenance of the turnpike, including, but not limited to, connecting tunnels, bridges, overpasses, underpasses, interchanges, toll facilities and parking lots. [2011, c. 476, §2 (AMD).]

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