Maine Revised Statutes

§1620. Remedies of holders of bonds and notes

In addition to all other rights or remedies set forth in Title 30-A, section 6023, subsection 2, the trustee appointed pursuant to Title 30-A, section 6023 may, and upon written request of the holders of 25% in principal amount of all bonds then outstanding that have been issued to finance or refinance all or a portion of the costs of qualified transportation projects shall, in the trustee's or the bank's own name, by mandamus or other suit, action or proceeding at law or in equity, enforce all rights of the bondholders, including the right to require the bank to collect payments and other amounts and to collect interest and amortization payments under agreements payable to the bank and pledged to payment of the bonds adequate to carry out any agreement as to, or pledge of, those payments and other amounts and of such interest and amortization payments and to require the bank to carry out any other agreements with the bondholders and to perform its duties under this section. [2007, c. 329, Pt. P, §1 (NEW).]

2007, c. 329, Pt. P, §1 (NEW).