Maine Revised Statutes

§12733. Activities

To assist the State in increasing higher education attainment and developing a skilled workforce, the program shall provide career and college transition services to young adults who are not currently enrolling in higher education and who could benefit from enrolling in a community college. These services may include scholarships, internships and other work-based learning experiences; career exploration and planning; assistance in completing the community college application and financial aid processes; academic planning; and information related to continuing higher education beyond the certificate, diploma and associate degree levels, consistent with the student's educational and career objectives. These services must be provided either directly by the program or through referrals to other programs and services available within the Maine Community College System or by other education and service providers. To participate in any of these services, young adults must be enrolled in a public secondary school or a state community college or have recently completed a public secondary education program. The program shall provide those activities and services that best serve the goals of the program as defined in this chapter and the needs of students and the State and that are consistent with the Maine Community College System's goals and resources. [2005, c. 683, Pt. A, §29 (RPR).]

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