Maine Revised Statutes

§11612. Eligibility

The Maine State Grant Program is established. Under the program, grants may be given only to residents of the State who: [2001, c. 70, §5 (AMD).]

1. Graduated.  Have graduated from an approved secondary school or matriculated at a post-secondary school prior to high school graduation, or have successfully completed a general educational development examination or its equivalent;
[ 1989, c. 559, §10 (NEW) .]
2. Accepted as undergraduate.  Have been accepted for enrollment as undergraduates or are in good standing as undergraduates at institutions of higher education in an eligible program of study and have not received a previous baccalaureate degree;
[ 1989, c. 559, §10 (NEW) .]
3. Applied for grants.  Have applied for a Maine State Grant according to schedules and procedures and on forms developed by the authority;
[ 2001, c. 70, §6 (AMD) .]
4. Demonstrate financial need.  Have been determined by the authority to have a financial need according to the criteria set forth in section 11613; and
[ 1989, c. 559, §10 (NEW) .]
5. State residency requirements.  Meet the state residency requirements that may be established by rules adopted by the authority in accordance with the Maine Administrative Procedure Act, Title 5, chapter 375.
[ 1989, c. 559, §10 (NEW) .]
1989, c. 559, §10 (NEW). 1991, c. 573, §1 (AMD). 2001, c. 70, §§5,6 (AMD).