Maine Revised Statutes

§11443. Supplemental loans

1. Programs.  The authority is authorized to carry out one or more programs making financial and other assistance available to borrowers or institutions to finance the cost of attendance. The authority is further authorized to issue bonds, lend the proceeds of the bonds and exercise any other power set forth in this chapter for these purposes.
[ 1991, c. 603, §6 (NEW) .]
2. Policies.  The authority shall establish rules pertaining to participation in the Student Financial Aid Supplemental Loan Program, issuing bonds and borrowing money by the authority, a process for allocation and carry-forward of that portion of the state ceiling on issuance of tax exempt bonds allocated to the authority pursuant to Title 10, chapter 9, servicing and collection of loans made pursuant to programs of the authority and other policies governing the operation of the authority.
[ 1991, c. 603, §6 (NEW) .]
1991, c. 603, §6 (NEW).