Maine Revised Statutes

Title 20-A, Chapter  606-A: SCHOOL FINANCE ACT OF 1995
20-A §15651. Short title (REPEALED)
20-A §15652. Definitions (REPEALED)
20-A §15653. Per pupil guarantee; statewide features (REPEALED)
20-A §15654. School administrative unit state and local contributions to the per pupil guarantee (REPEALED)
20-A §15655. Allocation for per pupil guarantee (REPEALED)
20-A §15656. Pupil counts (REPEALED)
20-A §15657. Weighted relative property fiscal capacity (REPEALED)
20-A §15658. Relationship to the School Finance Act of 1985 (REPEALED)
20-A §15659. Hardship cushion (REPEALED)
20-A §15660. Repeal (REPEALED)