Maine Revised Statutes

§2795. License for use of certain engines

No stationary, internal combustion or steam engine shall be erected in a town until the municipal officers have granted license therefor, designating the place where the buildings therefor shall be erected, the materials and mode of construction, the size of the boiler and furnace, and such provision as to height of chimney or flues, and protection against fire and explosion, as they judge proper for the safety of the neighborhood. Such license shall be granted on written application, recorded in the town records and a certified copy of it furnished, without charge, to the applicant.

When application is made for such license, said officers shall assign a time and place for its consideration, and give at least 14 days' public notice thereof, in such manner as they think proper, at the expense of the applicant. Any person aggrieved by the decision of the selectmen of towns in granting or refusing such license may appeal therefrom within 30 days to the Superior Court held in said county, which court may appoint a committee of 3 disinterested persons, as is provided in relation to appeals from location of highways. Said committee shall be sworn and give 14 days' notice of the time and place of their hearing to the parties interested, view the premises, hear the parties, and affirm, reverse or annul the decision of said selectmen, and their decision shall be final. Pending such appeal from granting such license, the Superior Court may enjoin the erection of such building and engine.

Any such engine erected without a license shall be deemed a common nuisance without other proof than its use.

Said officers shall have the same authority to abate and remove an engine, erected without license, as is given to the local health officer in Title 22, chapter 153.