Maine Revised Statutes

§1354. Duties

1.    It shall be the duty of the commission:
A. To examine the sections of the Revised Statutes outside of the Criminal Code which pertain to the criminal law and to draft such amendments to those sections as the commission deems advisable in light of the Criminal Code; [1975, c. 740, §124 (NEW).]
B. To evaluate the operation of the Criminal Code and to recommend amendments to the code based on such evaluation; [1975, c. 740, §124 (NEW).]
C. To examine the present laws pertaining to criminal pleadings and to consider possible changes, including, but not limited to, the adoption of code pleading and the preparation of pleading forms; [1977, c. 671, §35 (AMD).]
D. To examine any other aspects of Maine's criminal law, including substantive, procedural and administrative matters, which the commission deems relevant; and [1977, c. 671, §35 (AMD).]
E. To evaluate the operation of the Maine Juvenile Code, Title 15, Part 6, and to recommend amendments to that code based on that evaluation. [1977, c. 671, §36 (NEW).]
[ 1977, c. 671, §§35, 36 (AMD) .]
2.    The commission shall submit to the Legislature, at the start of each session, such changes in the criminal laws and in related provisions as the commission may determine appropriate. The commission may also make recommendations to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court, the Advisory Committee on Criminal Rules and to any other organization or committee whose affairs pertain to the criminal justice system.
[ 1997, c. 134, §10 (AMD) .]
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