Maine Revised Statutes

§1054. Forfeiture of machine gun

If no claimant for a machine gun seized under the authority of section 1053 appears, the judge shall, on proof of notice, declare the same to be forfeited to the State. If any person appears and claims such machine gun, as having a right to the possession thereof at the time when the same was seized, he shall file with the judge a claim in writing stating specifically the right so claimed, the foundation thereof, the item so claimed, any exemption claimed, the time and place of the seizure and the name of the law enforcement officer who seized the machine gun, and in it declare that it was not possessed in violation of this chapter, and state his business and place of residence and sign and make oath to the same before said judge. If any person so makes claim, he shall be admitted as a party to the process, and the libel, and may hear any pertinent evidence offered by the libelant or claimant. If the judge is, upon hearing, satisfied that said machine gun was not possessed in violation of this chapter, and that claimant is entitled to the custody thereof, he shall give an order in writing, directed to the law enforcement officer having seized the same, commanding him to deliver to the claimant the machine gun to which he is so found to be entitled, within 48 hours after demand. If the judge finds the claimant not entitled to possess the machine gun, he shall render judgment against him for the libelant for costs, to be taxed as in civil cases before such judge, and issue execution thereon, and shall declare such machine gun forfeited to the State. The claimants may appear and shall recognize with sureties as on appeals in civil actions from a judge. The judge may order that the machine gun remain in the custody of the seizing law enforcement officer, pending the disposition of the appeal. All machine guns declared forfeited to the State, or title to which have been transferred to the State in lieu of forfeiture proceedings shall be turned over to the Chief of the Maine State Police. If said machine gun is found to be of a historic, artistic, scientific or educational value, the State Police may retain the machine gun for an indefinite period of time. Any other machine gun declared forfeited and in possession of the State Police shall be destroyed by a means most convenient to the Chief of the State Police. [1975, c. 499, §1 (NEW).]

1975, c. 499, §1 (NEW).