Maine Revised Statutes

§6653. Complaint; grantee as party

An action under either section 6651 or 6652 shall be brought in the county or district respectively in which the real estate lies. Service in such action shall be made as in other actions on all supposed known claimants residing either in the State or outside the State, and notice to persons who are unascertained, not in being or unknown shall be given by publication as in other actions where publication is required, unless the court on motion permits posting in such public places as the court may direct in lieu of all or part of the publication ordinarily required. Upon the filing of the complaint the clerk of courts in the county, or the clerk of the District Court in the district respectively where such proceedings are pending shall file a certificate in the registry of deeds in the county or district where said land is situated, setting forth the names of the parties, the date of the complaint and the filing thereof and the description of the real estate as given in the complaint, which said certificate shall be recorded by the register of deeds, who shall receive therefor the same fee as for recording a deed. The action shall not be abated by the death of any party thereto, nor by the conveyance of the premises by deed recorded after said certificate is recorded. The grantee of any defendant named or described in the complaint, or any person claiming under such grantee, may voluntarily appear and become a party, and make any defense that would have been open to the defendant under whom he claims. If any person who becomes such grantee by conveyance recorded after the filing of the certificate does not voluntarily appear, no such conveyance by the defendant shall be given in evidence, either in the proceedings on the complaint or in any action brought thereunder to try title to the premises as provided in section 6654, and the issue shall be determined as though no such conveyance were made. [1971, c. 117, §4 (AMD).]

1971, c. 117, §4 (AMD).