Maine Revised Statutes

§1903. Bidding procedures

If bids are solicited from exhibitors for the licensing of a motion picture within the State then: [1979, c. 266, (NEW).]

1. Information to be included in bid.  The invitation of bid shall specify:
A. The number and length of runs for which the bid is being solicited, whether it is a first, second or subsequent run and the geographic area for each run; [1979, c. 266, (NEW).]
B. The names of all exhibitors who are being solicited; [1979, c. 266, (NEW).]
C. The date and hour the invitation to bid expires; and [1979, c. 266, (NEW).]
D. The location, including the address, where the bids will be opened, which shall be within the metropolitan area in which is located a distributor's sales or film distribution facility serving the theater. [1979, c. 266, (NEW).]
[ 1979, c. 266, (NEW) .]
1979, c. 266, (NEW).