State of Maine Legislature

Rollcall for Senate Roll-call #60: LD 6 (HP 10)

Date:  April 30, 2013
Number of Yeas Required:  18 (simple majority)
Outcome:  PREVAILS
Tallies:  Yeas (Y): 28, Nays (N): 6, Absent (X): 0, Excused (E): 1

Member Party Vote       Member Party Vote
ALFOND of Cumberland D Y       KATZ of Kennebec R Y
BOYLE of Cumberland D Y       LACHOWICZ of Kennebec D Y
BURNS of Washington R Y       LANGLEY of Hancock R Y
CAIN of Penobscot D Y       MASON of Androscoggin R Y
CLEVELAND of Androscoggin D Y       MAZUREK of Knox D Y
COLLINS of York R N       MILLETT of Cumberland D Y
CRAVEN of Androscoggin D Y       PATRICK of Oxford D Y
CUSHING of Penobscot R Y       PLUMMER of Cumberland R Y
DUTREMBLE of York D N       SAVIELLO of Franklin R Y
FLOOD of Kennebec R E       SHERMAN of Aroostook R Y
GERZOFSKY of Cumberland D Y       THIBODEAU of Waldo R N
GOODALL of Sagadahoc D Y       THOMAS of Somerset R N
GRATWICK of Penobscot D Y       TUTTLE of York D N
HAMPER of Oxford R Y       VALENTINO of York D Y
HASKELL of Cumberland D Y       WHITTEMORE of Somerset R Y
HILL of York D Y       WOODBURY of Cumberland U Y
JACKSON of Aroostook D N       YOUNGBLOOD of Penobscot R Y
JOHNSON of Lincoln D Y